Flame Fractals on Steroids!

My start was with the earliest 3D version of Apophysis. It advanced quite a bit in the next version, but didn’t progress much beyond that. Fixing or modifying the basic program code wasn’t easy due to outdated/expired tools, older programming methods, and tangled code. It needed a thorough cleaning and starting over with a better organizational approach.

But, it worked quite well so there were workarounds to discover and many fractals to explore.

For years, I took note of special features it would be nice to have if I ever had time to build new plugins or someone got around to fixing the foundational code. The idea was to expand the functionality between the artist and the software, chewing its way through millions of calcuations to end up with some really fun visual stuff.

Take a few years of life-focus elsewhere and then a return visit to fractals – to find most of those “dreams” of a better Flame Fractal generator and editor, had come true and was freely available to all. Thank You Andreas!

Then it happily turned out my name was embedded there in reference to some of the pre-installed Variations, derived from plugins for Apophysis which I had been part of building years earlier. Those grew with help from many wonderful friends along the way.

Here’s a beginning gallery. Please scroll the page.

J Wild Fire

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